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Snaplock® Metals

Snaplock® is a snap together version of the standing seam roof and wall panels system.
It is available in Pre Coated Aluminium, Roofinox Stainless Steel, Corten Steel, Greencoat PLX & Pural BT Steel and Aurubis Copper.

The Snaplock® Seam System

Lightweight corrosion resistant materials. Available in a range of bespoke finishes.

  • 25mm seam for a minimum pitch of 7 degrees.
  • 38mm seam for a minimum pitch of 3 degrees.
  • Seam design snaps together onto concealed clips that allow for expansion.
  • Can be supplied with flashings and rainwater goods.

From placing an order it normally takes 3-4 weeks for delivery to site.
(Lead times confirmed on the day of ordering.)

About Snaplock® Standing Seam

Snaplock® is a quality snap together standing seam solution for homes & businesses. The simplicity of the system makes for a straightforward installation process. Each panel snaps together over concealed clips.

Order your new Snaplock® Seam System in copper, stainless steel, pre-coated steel & aluminium, with all the necessary traditional flashing's & accessories.

Snaplock® seam panels offer an ideal aesthetically pleasing solution as an alternative to the traditional standing seam system. Homes, businesses, garden buildings, extensions, garages, static caravans, holiday homes & more can benefit from the Snaplock® system.

Panels can be installed onto a ventilated timber substrate, composite panel or directly on insulation, using special warm roof fixing clips.

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Available Finishes For Snaplock® Seam Panels

  • All
  • Aluminium
  • Greencoat
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
25mm Snaplock Profile in Roofinox Stainless Steel Tin Matte

Roofinox Stainless Steel

Tin Matte

Roofinox Stainless Steel Classic

Roofinox Stainless Steel


Aurubis Copper Nordic Standard

Aurubis Copper

Nordic Standard

Aluminium Gold

Coated Aluminium


Aluminium Metallic Copper

Coated Aluminium

Metallic Copper

Aluminium Corten

Coated Aluminium


Aluminium Zinc Patina

Coated Aluminium

Zinc Patina

Aluminium Dark Zinc Patina

Coated Aluminium

Dark Zinc Patina

Aluminum Graphite

Coated Aluminium


Aluminium Copper Oxide

Coated Aluminium

Copper Oxide

Aluminium Copper Patina

Coated Aluminium

Copper Patina

Aluminium Anthracite

Coated Aluminium

Anthracite (RAL 7016)

Aluminium Zinc Red

Coated Aluminium

Zinc Red

Aluminium Zinc Green

Coated Aluminium

Zinc Green


Coated Aluminium

Zinc Blue

Greencoat PLX Pural BT Mountain Grey

Greencoat PLX Pural BT

Mountain Grey

Greencoat PLX Pural BT Quarry Grey

Greencoat PLX Pural BT

Quarry Grey

Greencoat PLX Pural BT Nordic Night Black

Greencoat PLX Pural BT

Nordic Night Black

Greencoat PLX Pural BT Leaf Green

Greencoat PLX Pural BT

Leaf Green

Greencoat PLX Pural BT Metallic Dark Silver

Greencoat PLX Pural BT

Metallic Dark Silver

Greencoat PLX Pural BT Metallic Gold

Greencoat PLX Pural BT

Metallic Gold

Select Snaplock® for your next project!

  • Two seam heights to suit roofs with a minimum pitch of 7 degrees & a minimum pitch of 3 degrees.
  • Alternative to traditional standing seam roofing panels.
  • Clips allow for movement when the metal expands.
  • The roll forming process, plus the seam design of Snaplock® produces a flatter appearance. (Less chance oil canning effect)
  • Standard roof & wall flashings available or have custom made.
  • Class based training courses are available.
  • Excellent choice of metals finishes.
  • Panels up to 12 metres possible.
  • Ease of installing panels.

  • Relatively short lead times. ( normally around 3-4 weeks )

  • Made In the UK.
  • Snaplock® Aluminium Panel Price Guide Per m2

    Guide prices for panels only per m2.
    Total cost depends on the size of the order, flashing's required & delivery location.

    TT Aluminium

    £POA + VAT / m2

    • Dark Zinc Patina
    • Zinc Patina
    • Graphite
    • Anthracite Smooth/Matt
    • Copper Oxide
    • Copper Patina

    TT Aluminium

    £POA + VAT / m2

    • Metallic Copper
    • Corten
    • Gold

    Snaplock® Steel & Copper Panel Price Guide Per m2


    £POA + VAT / m2

    • Corten

    Greencoat S280/PLX Pural/Pro BT

    £POA + VAT / m2

    • PLX Pural BT All Colours
    • PLX Pro BT, Nordic Night Black-Mountain Grey-Anthracite Grey-Metallic Sterling
    • S280 Nordic Night Black - Mountain Grey - Metallic Dark Silver
    • 38mm Seam S280 Only
    • *Subject to available stock

    Aurubis Copper

    £POA + VAT / m2

    • Nordic Standard

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Snaplock® panels are available with a 25mm seam x 425mm cover width suitable for roofs with a minimum pitch of 7° or 38mm seam height x 386mm for roofs with a minimum pitch of 3°.

      In lengths up to 12 metres, other lengths are available if possible to transport.

      Custom widths down to 200mm can be made along with tapered panels.

    • The process of installing panels is simple because unlike traditional standing seam panels Snaplock® seams simply snap together onto concealed clips.

      A basic roof install guide is available.

      Other elements may require some experience or training to install.

      Class based training courses are available via the manufacturer of Snaplock®, contact us for pricing and availability.

      A Snaplock® Tool Kit is available to order for cutting/bending panels and flashing's at the eaves, ridge and verge details.

    • No, Snaplock® seam panels are designed to be fully supported such as;

      Ventilated 18mm wbp plywood, OSB3 or softwood boards, hard metal board, composite panel, SIPS panel, rigid insulation or cellular glass insulation.

    • Snaplock® orders normally take approx 2-3 weeks to arrive from payment being received, up to 5-6 weeks when busy, lead times are confirmed on day of ordering.

    • Yes order a full system including, Snaplock® panels, clips, fixings, underlay, flashing's & rainwater goods.

    • Get started with the following Quote Request Form.

      This allows adding multiple panels/lengths along with flashings and the other components that make up the complete system, including a gutter system if required.

      Alternatively if supplying information by email, please provide as much information as possible such as the width of the roof, length of panels required, pitch of roof, style of roof for example single slope, double pitch & whether or not the roof joins another building.

      Along with an address so the delivery cost can be established.

      Using the form is the best way to submit an enquiry to us because it provides clear information that we can efficiently work with to finalise the details and price.
      The more concise the order information provided the faster we can process the order, this in some cases may result in discounts being applicable.

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